How would all you students of the School of World out there feel about a Volume 2???

We already have Volume 1 available for purchase in the store here, We’re sold out of Volume 1 and will shortly be reprinting it for the future; Volume 1 encompasses the first 120 strips, plus a buttload of bonus content.

We have just passed strip #300, and would like to make a book containing strips #121 onwards, but first we’d like to know if you guys are even interested?

In addition, until we’ve got the book actually printed, how many people would be willing to preorder a copy?  Since Volume 2 would be bigger than Volume 1, the price would probably be around $12 to $15 per copy.

Also, are there any bonus features in particular that you guys would want to see in Volume 2?  Please let us know!

Just to clarify: we are not at this point necessarily printing a Volume 2 or taking preorders for it, we are just trying to field interest!  If you have any comments, we’d love to hear them!  In addition to replying to this message, please feel free to send us an ask or email us!

Your professors at the School of World,

Megan and Rel